Clinical Beauty Services offers this Gold Standard treatment for thread veins of the legs.

What are Thread Veins?

Thread vein is a term used by the public for the small, unsightly, superficial veins usually found in clusters on the legs. Microsclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for thread veins and has been practised in Europe for many years. It is a medical treatment with a prescription medicine (the injectable sclerosant) and as such can only be performed by appropriately trained doctors and nurses.

The demand for this treatment is high and on the increase and Rachael herself, has joined the 50% + of the adult population with thread veins and has experienced the treatment and is delighted with the results.

Having trained with the www.veincaretraining.co.uk Rachael is now able to offer microsclerotherapy after a thorough consultation and assessment of the patient’s legs. The presence of thread veins may indicate an abnormality of the venous system which may require further investigation by a specialist but this will be discussed during the consultation. Treatment costs start at £175 and are dependent on surface area to be treated. Also, clients must budget for more than one treatment session – anywhere between 1 – 4 treatment sessions – to achieve their desired results