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Non-surgical cheek enhancement is a process where dermal fillers are used to improve the appearance and shape of the cheek without the need for surgery or cheek implants.

As we age our skin loses collagen and fat resulting in a changed facial contour. The cheeks can become hollow, and skin can sag and wrinkle, resulting in an overly-aged, drawn appearance. Changes in facial contour as a result of ageing are not the only reasons you may seek cheek enhancement. You may be unhappy with your mid face shape, or would like to add volume to flat cheeks and to improve the overall balance of your facial shape. Whatever your reasons, cheek enhancement with dermal fillers can achieve significant improvement without the risks and costs associated with surgery.

Using dermal fillers for cheek enhancement

At Clinical Beauty Services we use Teosyal and Belotero dermal fillers to enhance the cheek. Dermal fillers are a highly flexible and effective medical cosmetic product used in facial sculpting, to fill out lines and wrinkles, add volume and to accentuate and plump up lips. All our dermal fillers are based on a natural non-animal derived substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). HA occurs naturally in your skin, attracting moisture to your skin’s cells and maintaining hydration. Dermal fillers are applied to the skin using a fine needle, replacing your skin’s natural HA and forming a cushion that fills out the contours of your face. The goals of cheek enhancement are to improve size, shape, profile, projection and symmetry of the cheeks. An initial consultation will determine your desired outcome.

What does my treatment involve?

As with use of dermal fillers for facial line reduction, treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour. During treatment, dermal filler is injected with a very fine needle, following application of pain-relieving cream. You should experience minimal discomfort during treatment, with only transient redness, swelling or tenderness for 3-5 days after treatment. Any mild bruising around the treated area should resolve within a week. You will notice an immediate improvement in your facial contour with the effect lasting up to 6-9 months. Maintenance treatments are generally required every 6-12 months to maintain your desired facial shape.

Prices for cheek enhancement start at £250 and will depend on the amount of product used. Pricing will be discussed and agreed at the consultation. Consultation is free.