Clinical Beauty Services provides a professional and friendly service. For those who prefer in-clinic treatment, I can be found at Hilton Skin Clinic in Caversham, Reading, whilst we continue to provide an efficient home visit service by appointment.

We are always pleased to answer questions you may have and help you onto the correct course of treatments. There is so much one can do to help turn back the hands of time without surgery and our clients believe our range of treatments really help make them look – and feel younger… as well as increasing confidence!

We look forward to hearing from you.

With almost 23 years professional experience in medical healthcare and the medical aesthetics industry, Rachael is a highly qualified Advanced Aesthetic Nurse and Independent Prescriber, able to administer an extensive range of non-surgical, medical cosmetic procedures.

Rachael has a strong ethical and moral attitude towards the appliance of medical aesthetics and attends educational workshops and seminars to maintain and further develop her knowledge.

Clinical Beauty Services provides an invaluable service to those women and men whose desire to retain and enhance their appearance provides an inner and outer confidence with which to face the rigours of daily life.

Rachael Marcks RN NIP is a registered nurse and passionate about the benefits of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

On aesthetic treatments she says, “With regular maintenance treatments and starting at the right time in life, it’s possible to ‘stop the clock’ and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling youthful for years to come”. Aesthetic treatments are not designed to change appearance but to enhance appearance and Rachael has clients whose lives have been transformed by regular but careful applications which have enabled them to retain the confidence of youth”.

Rachael Marcks

First time doubts..?

Rachael says, “Many of my clients have been with me since I started out (around seven years ago now). In those days I was probably as nervous as they were..wanting to achieve the best results without causing any issues. I have always used the best products available and undertaken more training than was medically or legally required but there was always an article in the press about some celebrity ‘trout pout’ or other aesthetic blunder which I vowed to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, I was given some great advice by a senior cosmetic doctor who said never to forget who the expert is.. never bow to client pressure and to proceed only within my field of knowledge and experience. Many times I’ve been asked to ‘put in a little extra here or there’ but the treatments I provide are designed to enhance natural looks in the most natural way possible, not to re-configure the outline of one’s facial features. Holding back the wrinkles and signs of ageing is what I am about and I have successfully treated my customers ever since.”